Hello Everyone and Welcome Music.ChikkaHub.com,
Music.ChikkaHub.com goal is to provide a legal solution that keeps the spirit of Groove shark alive - offer a
simple way to listen to the music you want for free from different artists around the Globe and Also all artists join to Music.ChikkaHub.com are one of the contributor and allow to sell their music creation to all the users of Music.ChikkaHub.com. Music.ChikkaHub.com is a free music streaming and online from third parties music and Artists create their own music for free and for sale.
radio service, that lets you discover and share the music you love. You can organize and save your
favorite songs in playlists for hours of enjoyment, and create playlists, albums for any mood or activity you like.
Share them with your friends and people around the globe and artists enjoy the benefit to sell your music creation so they can enjoy your favourites as well! And enjoy creating music and sell to all users of Music.ChikkaHub.com
Please contact us about any idea, feature request, or 'bug' that you encounter. We promise to do our best
to address them all.
You can email us at ( hello@music.chikkahub.com ) or add comments and join as will our own social media... https://chikkahub.com. And if your are a users of https://chikkahub.com, you can use your own login details to login to https:music.chikkahub.com.
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